Can You Get Colored Contact Lenses Without a Prescription Online?

People really seem to like changing their eye color. It seems that females, in particular, in their twenties and some teenage girls like how changing eye color can really create a different look. Since people look at your eyes a lot, having captivating eyes makes you stand out and be unique. They like the extra attention that they get and how they look.

Another great thing is that the technology used in colored contact lenses has greatly improved. The designs are more high-tech and they look better. You can have some really stunning eyes and getting this look is actually really simple.

Can I Get Them Without a Prescription?

Good question… you can and you can’t. It depends. First, it depends on where you live. In the United States, UK and Canada, by law you need a prescription. Contact lenses of any kind – even if they don’t correct vision and are just for cosmetic purposes – do require a prescription because they are considered to be medical devices. You’ll have to go see a vision specialist (eye doctor) and get a prescription. It’s a good thing because they measure your eyes and you can order colored contacts with those dimensions and they’ll be a better fit for your eyes.

colored-lensesTo get them without prescription can be tricky. You can get them offshore – that’s an option. There are retailers in smaller countries that don’t have these laws and you can order them online from these places.

Sometimes you can find retailers in the US that sell colored contacts without prescription. They might be breaking the law by doing this but it looks like any kind of illegal action would only fall on the retailer and not the customer. If they have name brand contacts, then you could try them. The big problem with these retailers is that they’re probably selling off brands. Lesser known brands could be using ink in their lenses that’s toxic. That’s the whole reason why colored contacts require a prescription – so that there’s more regulation and more protection for consumers.

Finding Online Stores

Finding them online is pretty simple. There are links and search results showing where to get colored contact lenses. When you get to those websites, see if they require a prescription or not. There might be some retailers that don’t advertise that a prescription isn’t needed but they might ask for your prescription at check out and they might even require that you fax or email them a copy of your doctor’s prescription.

Choosing Contact Lens Colors

This is the fun part – for sure. There are two basic kinds – regular/enhancement and opaque. With opaque lenses, none of your natural eye color show through. This is good because if you want to go with a lighter color (brown to green or brown to blue), then you natural eye color can’t mix with the new color or it’ll look too dark.

Enhancement lenses do let some of your eye color show through. These are cool because if you with a lighter version of your natural eye color, you can really enhance your eye color. Another option is to mix colors and your eyes can look really nice when you mix them.


Colored contacts are great and they’re fun. Make sure you get a name brand and getting a prescription is actually a good idea. The prescription is good for a year, so you can buy all the lenses you want during that year’s time. Enjoy!

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