Information About Non Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

There are many people that want different colored eyes. Some just don’t like the color they have or want the option to change the color of their eyes. There are very few places that you can buy non prescription colored contact lenses. It can be difficult in trying to find them. It is easiest to find them at the flea markets or specialty stores such as the Mexican or Korean stores. Often they will carry them.

Getting Them

It’s important to know that in most places (including the United States), you do need to see an eye doctor and get a prescription because any kind of contact lenses (if they provide vision correction or not) are considered to be medical devices by law. Again, this even goes for contact lenses that do not help you see (non-prescription) but are just for cosmetic purposes.

It’s simple, though. Just make an appointment with a local eye care professional and then get the exam and you’ll have a prescription that’s good for a year.


Designs and Colors

When you are able to find them you can get just about any color or design that you want. Now they have them ranging from light blue to dark brown. They also have some with the peace sign, yin and yang sign and the moon and stars. There is no limit to what you can get with them.


Depending on the location or the store that you get them will vary on how much you will have to pay. Check around before you buy the first place you see them. You may be able to get a better deal than the first place. Most places don’t offer any kind of refunds or exchanges on them though. So once you buy them they are yours to keep. Now if you do go through an actual company that doesn’t require you to get an exam first then you may have more options and flexibility. They don’t offer them everywhere though.


Some benefits that come with non prescription contact lenses is that after the first pair that you wear if you feel like they aren’t for you or you just don’t like them then you can give them to a friend or family member. They aren’t too high in price to where you are out a lot of money. Most of them are soft lens not the hard lens so they are a lot more comfortable than they were when they first came out with them. They can only be worn for about a week at a time and then after that they have to be discarded.

You will still want to put them in lens cleaning solution when you aren’t wearing them. Making sure you take them out each night before bed time would also be a good idea so they stronger longer. it will also prevent them from getting stuck on top or even in the back of your eye when sleeping. Keeping your eyes moist by staying hydrated will also keep them in good shape. Since they are non prescription contact lenses, no doctor can be responsible for any infection that occurs while wearing them.


Non prescription contact lenses should only be worn for a temporary time. Maybe a date night, or night out on the town. They should not be used for long term use. For a long term to permanent use it is best to see a doctor that can give you a proper fitter and prescription for them.

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