All About Halloween Costume Contacts Without a Prescription

Complete Your Halloween Look!

Halloween is a time of the year where, as an adult, you can dress up as anything that you want to be. Sometimes you may want to include a pair of contacts with your costume to make you fit more into the character that you have chosen. You don’t have to have a prescription to get contacts with these awesome effects. They last a long period of time as long as you take care of them, and it will have your friends in awe of just how great your costume and look if put together.

Kinds and Styles

There are two types of costume contact lenses that you can choose from. There are contacts that only cover the pupil and iris of your eyes. These contacts feel just like normal contact lenses even though they will contain outrageous colors or designs. The other type of costume contact lens, is a lens that covers all visible areas of you eye. These lenses are larger and a little harder to put in, but they give great effects to any costume idea.

If you are looking to dress up as a vampire for Halloween, then you will want to have a look at contact lenses that turn your eyes bright and vivid colors. Costume contact lenses come in colors like red, gold, purple, and orange. It depends on what kind of effect you are going for when you decide what color to choose. You could also get a couple different ones to see which one is best for you.

If you are dressing up as something more horrific that a vampire, then you may want to have a look at costume contacts that are made specifically for those more interesting costumes. You can get contacts that completely black out your eye, give your eye the effect that they are on fire, or make your eyes appear like that of a serpent or dragon. If you are going for the zombie effect, there are several sets that make your eyes look extremely bloodshot or give them a yucky yellow effect that makes you look sick and diseased.

Even if you are doing a cute and not scary costume for Halloween, there are contacts for you. One of the most popular costume contact lenses are the ones that make your eyes appear like cat eyes. They give a haunting look to your eyes and magnify the effect of your costume. People who want to dress like something really fun can benefit too. There are costume contacts that make your eyes turn into smiley faces or peace signs, if you are wanting to dress like a hippie. You can also get lenses with a moon and stars in them to go with an enchanting witch costume.

The possibilities are endless with costume contact lenses. They are very affordable, last a long time, and will have your friends as scared or impressed as you want them to be. The best way to get costume contact lenses is to shop online. There you can see the hundreds of options you have to look at and choose from. Happy haunting!

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