Is a Prescription Needed for Contact Lenses?

Beautify Your Eyes!

Many teenage girls and girls in their twenties are looking to change how they look are are interested in getting colored contact lenses. One of the main things you see is people looking for colored contacts without prescription, or what are sometimes called non corrective colored contact lenses or fashion contact lenses. They are all the same thing, actually, and we’ll explain how you can get them.

Laws in most countries will state that you will need to go see your local eye doctor / optometrist and get a prescription for contact lenses before you can order them. For example, here in the United States, there is a law that retailers cannot sell contact lenses to people without a prescription. Contact lenses, any kind – colored or not, are considered to be medical devices because you put them in your eyes. There are less problems with these lenses if they are worn under the supervision of an optometrist. Both Canada and the United Kingdom have similar laws on their books.

Is Getting a Prescription Very Difficult?

No, it really isn’t. All you would do is find a local optometrist and make an appointment. You can find one at a local department store or at the mall. I’ve gone to the optical department at Sears and there’s a department store called Shopko where I live and they have an optical department as well. It’ll be cheaper to go there than to a doctor that has his own office and rent. You can often find specials and sales on eye exams if you just watch for them and that could save you some money.

beautiful-eyesThe exam itself it easy. It might take 20-30 minutes or so. They will check your eyes to see if you do need any vision correction. If you do, then that’s great, actually. Getting corrective lenses will take some strain off of your eyes and you’ll be in better health with your eyes not under so much stress. So be open to the idea that you could walk out with a prescription that does help correct your vision. Many people need some degree of vision correction and don’t even know it. You can still get colored contacts if you do need some vision correction, so don’t worry about that either.

Another important measurement is the base curve of your eyes. People’s eyes are shaped differently, so getting this measurement done will ensure that your colored contact lenses will fit your eyes well and they will also feel more comfortable, which means you can wear them for a longer amount of time.

When you walk out of there, you’ll have your prescription and then you can place your order for your colored contacts. So, as you can see, it’s pretty simple. That prescription is good for a year before you need another eye exam. Enjoy your colored contacts!

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